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Helping Kids Thrive

Nov 4, 2021

Guest: Kay Simon, M.S. CCC-SLP

In the US Public School system, the language of instruction is Mainstream American English (MAE), a specific dialect of English. If a child enters the school system that has not previously had exposure to MAE, this transition can be difficult as they add the need to learn another dialect of English to the list of academic concepts that they are expected to master. As a child works to learn and use this new dialect, if a teacher or school district isn't familiar with the student's native English dialect, they may determine that the student is making language or even cognitive errors and refer for a special education evaluation.

In this episode of Helping Kids Thrive, Nicole sits down with Kay Simon, a bidialectal speech language pathologist from DotCom Therapy with experience working with children from various dialectal backgrounds. They chat about what this transition to school looks like for some students and how parents can come alongside their children and school districts to ensure that the appropriate challenges are addressed as their child grows in their education.

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