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Helping Kids Thrive

Dec 2, 2021

Guest: Jackie Wight, MA, LPC, Director of Mental Health Services

Helping children navigate through social media is definitely uncharted territory for a lot of parents that grew up before the era of smartphones and tablets. With the rise of popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it comes to no surprise that it has greatly impacted how children grow up, and how they handle their face-to-face social interactions. From increasing rates of depression and anxiety, it’s definitely become a growing concern amongst parents of digital natives.

While it feels almost daunting and impossible, in this episode Nicole is joined by Jackie Wight, Director of Mental Health Services at DotCom Therapy, who share important insight into just how social media can affect a child’s mental wellbeing, and what can be done to protect kids in this new developing digital space.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The data behind social media’s impact on mental health
  • Why children are at a particularly vulnerable age
  • Your role as a parent in their digital world
  • Concrete strategies we can apply for our children

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