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Helping Kids Thrive

Sep 29, 2022

Guest: Kristina Fuentes, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist

Having a breakdown in communication with your child can certainly get frustrating, for both the parent and the child. Communication should never be underestimated as just an exchange of words, because it is so much more.

In today’s episode, Kristina reveals ten effective yet engaging ways to influence your child’s language development and help give more opportunities to build communication skills. Her tips focus on ways to enhance communication through routines and activities that you are already doing, so that it doesn’t feel like another thing to try to get done in your day.

To all the parents who have children struggling with speech and language skills, or are frustrated at communicating with their kids, we see you and we hope this episode provides you with tools to use with your children to make gains in this area of development.

Episode Highlights:

  • How words help children enhance their speech
  • Some routines you can do at home daily to improve communication
  • How questions immensely improve thinking abilities
  • Modeling as a powerful tool in language acquisition
  • Using non-verbal cues in making meaning
  • How to be an awesome listener to your kids

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