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Helping Kids Thrive

Nov 23, 2022

Guest: Stephanie Fisher, MHC, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Raising children with special needs can be overwhelming and isolating. Parents often feel guilty about the extra support that their family requires so sometimes they try to carry the burden all on their own, believing no one will understand them or no one else is capable. When everything comes crumbling down, doesn’t everyone deserve a helping hand?

Wolf+Friends’ mission is to give chances for communities to grow - where parents and their kids feel safe and accepted. We must understand that building support networks doesn't happen overnight. And in today’s episode, I am grateful to have Stephanie Fisher walk us through the types of support system we will need, the importance of a support network, and practical tips to help us identify who we can keep in our inner networks. 

As we strive to provide support to our children in their growth, may we realize that we ourselves need to be supported. Nobody deserves to feel isolated. Listen with us and together, we will learn to grow our own support networks. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Different types of support system that every parent needs
  • Barriers faced by parents in acquiring the support system they need
  • Ways to overcome barriers to growing your support system
  • The importance of having a support system
  • Additional resources to add to your support system in addition to friends and family
  • Stephanie shares her experience in building a support group for her son

Resources Mentioned During This Episode:

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