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Helping Kids Thrive

Dec 22, 2022

Guest: Amanda Unrau, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist

‘Tis the season to be messy! 

With the holiday season right around the corner, the kitchen once again becomes the busiest area of our homes. How about considering training little chefs to help you out with all the food preparations? Although cooking might actually be the messiest way of bonding with the kids, it can also be quite fun. It just requires extra patience on the side of the parents. 

In this episode, Nicole is joined by fellow Speech Language Pathologist, Amanda Unrau to talk about how to utilize cooking as a tool for our child’s development. Amanda shares the benefits of involving your child in cooking, what parents should keep in mind during the process, and the skills that cooking can help develop such as motor and verbal skills. 

Learn how to make cooking Fun and Educational, all at the same time!


Episode Highlights:

  • Benefits of involving your children in Cooking 
  • Techniques on how Parents can make cooking Child Friendly 
  • Skills naturally targeted with cooking: Verbal, Motor, and Social Skills
  • Tips for Parents
  • Connecting with the Family  through Food 
  • Variety of activities related to cooking: grocery shopping, listing ingredients, etc. 


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