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Helping Kids Thrive

Jul 6, 2023

Guest: Kelly McGuinness, LCSW, CEIS

Most of us parent using behavior management techniques that we learned during childhood or have read about in a parenting book (okay, instagram, let's be real ;)) but have you ever stopped to think about if those strategies are actually working or not?

Returning to the podcast is licensed clinical social worker, Kelly McGuinness, to challenge our ways of managing childhood behavior.  During this episode, she discusses with Nicole about how "traditional" behavior management might not be the best options and ways that we can look at behavior differently with the children we interact with, wether that's in our homes or in a classroom. Her graceful way of approaching this conversation challenges listeners to challenge their mindsets around behavior and seek out what will really work for their family.

Episode Highlights:

  • Behavior defined
  • Behavior as communication
  • Seeking out the root of behaviors
  • Traditional methods and why they might not be working
  • Importance of connection and skill building
  • Considerations when parenting siblings
  • Attention seeking behaviors + solutions
  • Facilitating positive relationships in your family