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Helping Kids Thrive

Oct 26, 2023

Being rejected is never easy, and it can be especially soul-crushing for children. How do you, as
a parent, ensure that you are there for kids in their time of need, without adding fuel to the fire?
To help us get to the bottom of this question, we are joined by an esteemed school psychologist, Dr. Bianca Vasquez. After sharing her deep love for being involved in the education sphere, our guest explains why being excluded hits kids the hardest, how parents can be more empathetic, how to manage your own feelings and emotions, and why your child’s age and temperament are important factors to consider. Then, we get a quick lesson on intelligent failure before exploring other ways that you can constructively help and support your kids. We also closely examine how to build resiliency and foster your child’s self-worth, how to avoid common parental mistakes when coaching your child through rejection, and why exclusion and failure can actually be the learning tools that your child needs for their own personal growth, plus so much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

• What parents can do when their child has been excluded from something
• Introducing Philadelphian school psychologist, Dr. Bianca Vasquez.
• Why being left out is so difficult for kids, and how parents can be more empathetic.
• How our own feelings as parents influence our reactions.
• Why your child’s temperament matters in how you respond to them (and how age fits in).
• The impact that the type of event may have on your child’s exclusion.
• A quick lesson on “intelligent failure.”
• Other ways to support and help our kids when they are feeling down about being left out.
• How to build resiliency and foster self-worth in your children.
• Common mistakes that parents make in their reactions and how to avoid them.
• How failure can help your kids learn new things about themselves.