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Helping Kids Thrive

Sep 16, 2021

Guest: Rebecca Lofthouse, LCSW

According to the CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens and according to the World Health Organization, “half of all mental health conditions start by 14 years of age but most cases are undetected and untreated.” As Rebecca mentions during this episode, treatment for mental health conditions is vitally important so, it really is an incredibly important topic for us to be discussing with our teens.

Through this conversation today, you will feel empowered as a parent to not only identify mental health concerns with your teenage child, but also have some strategies in your back pocket for how to talk to them about it and support their overall mental wellness. Prevention is the only course of action against suicide, and if we can step in for our children at the first sign of a mental health concern, it not only could save their life in more extreme cases, but will definitely lead to the development of emotional processing and coping skills that will build resilience in our kids as they transition to adulthood.