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Helping Kids Thrive

May 27, 2021

Guest: Veronica Smitley, SLP + CF Fighter

Have you ever had a recommendation from a doctor that you felt uncomfortable with? Has your child needed something at school that you didn’t know how to ask for?

In this episode of Helping Kids Thrive, Veronica Smitley, Speech Language Pathologist and CF Fighter, shares her...

May 20, 2021

Guest: Carey Llufrio, M.Ed, BCBA

Tantrums are a normal part of development, so all parents will experience them at some point in their parenting journey, but knowing what to do and how to help your child through this stage is key.

In this episode of Helping Kids Thrive, Nicole is joined once again by Board Certified...

May 13, 2021

Guest: Elizabeth C. Hamblet, College Learning Disabilities Specialist

Do you have a child who is graduating soon and will need accommodations in college? In this episode, Nicole speaks with author and speaker, Elizabeth Hamblet, a college learning disabilities specialist with 20+ years of experience about the transition...

May 6, 2021

Guest: Lidiette Hamilton, M.A. CCC-SLP

In US households, over 350 languages are spoken and about 10% of students in US schools are considered English Language Learners. The languages these families choose to expose their children to impact their education, their future, their identity, and their connection with their...