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Helping Kids Thrive

Jun 23, 2022

Guest: Dr. Robert Jason Grant, Ed.D, Creator of AutPlay Therapy

You may have heard about play therapy before and all of the ways it can benefit a child's mental health, but is play therapy still a good choice if your child is neurodivergent or disabled? 

In this episode of Helping Kids Thrive, Nicole talks with Dr. Robert Jason Grant, Ed.D, a licensed mental health professional, registered play therapy supervisor, and the creator of AutPlay Therapy, an integrative family play therapy approach. Dr. Grant has worked with neurodivergent children for the majority of his career and is an accomplished author, speaker, and trainer on neurodiversity affirming practices in play therapy. During this episode, they discuss considerations for neurodivergent children participating in play therapy, terminology around neurodivergency, and tips for parents who are navigating a new diagnosis with their child. 

Episode Highlights

  • Intro to Dr. Grant and AutPlay Therapy
  • Considerations for neurodivergent children in play therapy
  • Why should a family consider pursuing play therapy for their child?
  • Terminology surrounding the neurodivergence movement
  • Neurodiversity affirming tips for parents (regardless of need/severity of child's disability)
  • Tips for parents navigating a new diagnosis for their child

Resources Mentioned During This Episode

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